Get Started with the SDK

Sign up for an account on Fritz AI in order to get started with machine learning in your apps.

Set up your app with the CLI

The easiest way to register your existing app with Fritz AI is to use the CLI. Install the CLI and configure the app using your credentials.

>> pip install fritz
>> fritz config update \
      --api-key <YOUR API KEY> \
      --project-id <YOUR PROJECT ID>

After the CLI is properly configured, go to your app directory and run app setup:

>> cd MyAwesomeApp/
>> fritz app setup

This will do 2 things:

  • Register your iOS/Android application in Fritz AI.
  • Add and configure the SDK in your app.

Open your app in XCode / Android Studios and run your app to finish setup.

Manually set up the SDK

If you’d like to set up your app manually, you’ll have to register your app and then follow the directions and add the code snippets to your app.